A luxurious bathroom should not only look good but also cater to your needs. Designing such a bathroom follows the basic principles of a conventional one, but the distinguishing factor lies in the sophisticated design and the use of high-quality sanitary ceramics and accessories that are not only aesthetically appealing but also extremely comfortable.

Tips for Designing Luxurious Bathrooms1

Comfortable Bathing Experience

The Wellis brand offers a variety of high-quality solutions for your bathroom when it comes to a comfortable bathing experience. A wide selection of shower enclosures and shower trays allows you to choose the combination that best suits you. Additionally, numerous shower panels ensure a perfect showering experience, with a wide range of styles and performances available.

The “walk-in-shower” is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason: it is sleek, comfortable to use, and adds an elegant touch to the bathroom. Of course, we also provide the appropriate shower screen for this experience.

For customers who prefer a bathtub, we also offer an exquisite selection of high-quality products. Especially our hydro-massage bathtubs are perfect for relieving the stress of everyday life and providing a relaxing bathing experience.

Bathroom Accessories

Small details can bring true luxury to the bathroom. Don’t limit yourself to choosing a good bathtub and tile combination. Pay attention to the quality of hangers, cups, soap, and towel holders as well. Bathroom accessories are the little elements that, when combined correctly, can make every bathing experience something special.

Elegant Furniture

The selection of furniture significantly influences the bathroom’s atmosphere. In recent years, dark, black colors have proven popular, and furniture with a wood look complements it perfectly. The “Tenebra 190” cabinet comfortably accommodates up to two people with its elegant color scheme. An ideal addition is the Tenebra 90 cabinet, which provides ample storage space. However, the selection is diverse. Elois Grey presents itself in elegant gray, while Elois White employs the classic color white.

The bathroom’s atmosphere can be enhanced by adding plants and wooden surfaces to break up the hard porcelain and glass surfaces. Be creative in designing your bathroom and let our experts advise you on how to harmoniously combine different products!