Bathroom trends are constantly evolving as perceptions and purposes of this space continue to change. Beyond pure functionality, there is a growing need for a pleasant and comfortable bathroom experience. It is no longer just about a sterile, clean room; it’s about reflecting our personality and style. Since individual preferences vary, let us introduce you to some current trends!

The Best Bathroom Trends for 20231

Freestanding Bathtubs

While the classic cast-iron clawfoot bathtub is experiencing a renaissance, many of us are seeking a more elegant and modern solution. Conventional bathtubs with water jets now appear mundane to many people. Instead, freestanding tubs are becoming increasingly popular, featuring appropriate sizing, exciting shapes, and made from thin materials to convey a light and contemporary feel. Such a tub imparts a spa-like atmosphere to the bathroom.

An outstanding example of this trend is the “Calabria Black.” It captivates with its extraordinary combination: a white interior paired with an unconventional black exterior. This may seem unusual at first glance, but it adds an extremely elegant touch to the bathing area. Another notable option is the “Gloria Bathtub,” which stands out with its unique round shape. With its generous proportions, this bathtub quickly becomes the centerpiece of the bathroom and a true gem.

Trendy Wooden Furniture for the Bathroom

Wooden furniture and bathroom cabinets are gaining popularity. This is not only because the range of wood finishes is becoming more diverse but also because wood, as a material, is highly versatile and can be used in any environment.

Our furniture collection offers various styles suitable for every bathroom. For example, the “Blondie 60” furniture element appears more grey, while “Azori” is darker, and “Soria” appears lighter.

From Necessities to Pleasures – Accessories for a Relaxing Bathing Experience

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a place of relaxation and enjoyment, which elevates the importance of accessories. These small details can not only enhance our comfort but also give the bathroom a unique touch. High-quality accessories give your bathroom a pleasant and stylish appearance.

Bathtub trays and headrests are essential for enabling a comfortable bath and making it easier for you to relax in the tub. With the “Mamba cup holder,” you can even bring your favorite drinks into the bathtub.

Furthermore, you can make the most of the high humidity in the bathroom by placing some plants. Plants create an extremely pleasant atmosphere and add a cozy liveliness to this part of the home.