The equipment of Wellis jacuzzis is outstanding not only in the Hungarian but also in the international market. In 2022, we created the world’s most energy-efficient pools, the Wellis Life models, which have since become extremely popular. This is thanks to the fact that they consume much less than their current counterparts and because we have equipped them with several jacuzzi amenities that make home relaxation perfect. What additional accessories contribute to relaxation?

Jacuzzi equipment – new insulation, energy-efficient motor

Among jacuzzi equipment, emphasis is placed on those that reduce the costs of home use. Many people do not buy hot tubs because they think that the expenses for electricity and water greatly increase. Fortunately, thanks to the equipment of Wellis jacuzzis, these costs have now decreased, so you can use your home wellness section carefree even daily.

An important innovation is that Wellis Life models are equipped with Scandinavian insulation. The 3.5 cm polyfoam insulation panels have been installed seamlessly into the hot tub’s structure rather than being attached to the outer shell. As a result, they retain heat better and longer, allowing for additional savings. Another outstanding jacuzzi feature is the energy-efficient W-EC circulation motor, which is a very low consumption (0.25 kW) water circulating pump. Its long lifespan and quiet operation make it truly environmentally friendly and cost-effective, which can be extremely important for any household.

In addition to these, the new Smart-In step smart staircase is also available, which houses a 3 kW heat pump. This feature can operate from -5 °C to + 40 °C, resulting in a 70-75% heating energy savings. Inside the staircase, storage compartments have been designed, and there is also the possibility of charging mobile phones and lighting around the staircase. An accessory that serves countless purposes!

Jacuzzi equipment – the epitome of massage

An important aspect of jacuzzi equipment is the design and density of the massaging jets, as these are what make the massage experience unforgettable. The Infinity jet nozzle built into the Wellis Life models makes relaxation even more enjoyable by massaging a larger part of the body and not just moving up and down but describing an infinite figure eight shape while rotating. This easily reaches critical points, providing refreshment for everyone.

It is important to maintain the right atmosphere on every occasion of relaxation, and our developers have taken care of this in our latest models as well. The new nozzles in the PeakLife Premium hot tubs come with backlighting, which is uniquely available only in Wellis baths. The edges of the nozzles also light up, providing a stunning spectacle. In addition, we have supplemented these unparalleled models with a luminous fountain, exclusive LED lighting, and a luminous waterfall, so you can enjoy your relaxation in a heavenly environment!

Three systems for flawless jacuzzi operation

To ensure that Wellis Life jacuzzis perfectly operate every day, our developers have incorporated numerous innovations into the hot tubs. Currently, three different systems are working to ensure that you can enjoy your well-deserved relaxation at home without any disturbances. What are these?

WOW System: Wellis Optimized Water Flow system, which is an enhanced electric water diverter. This device provides 75% more pressure with approximately 45% less energy consumption than the large manual water diverter of our previous models.

IN-LINE WIS: This useful built-in accessory provides 24-hour supervision of the hot tub’s water quality, which you can track through your smartphone. After analysis, it also provides the exact amount of necessary chemicals, so you don’t have to deal with precise calculations.

Ozmix™ System: 20% more effective than using ozone alone, without a mixing chamber. Compared to other water disinfection systems on the market, Ozmix™ removes the most bacteria from the hot tub water, ensuring the perfect condition for you.

These jacuzzi amenities are available in the Wellis Premium Life models. Get to know our models up close and personal and get one today either in person or online!