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A hot tub inside your house requires some precautions. An indoor hot tub has several advantages, if you have your hot tub indoor, it has several advantages, which includes privacy, continuous use, ease of use. And you don’t have to worry about the weather, as you can use your own Wellis hot tub in a fenced room at any time. If you’re thinking about putting your Wellis hot tub inside, these tips will be useful for you!

Wellis hot tub inside your house: measure the space and the access!

A Wellis hot tub inside your house requires space. Be sure to measure the size of the room you intend to use the hot tub in, as you will need access to certain parts from time to time (e.g. for filter replacement). Don’t squeeze the hot tub between the walls but leave some space for movement and ventilation.

To get the hot tub inside, access is also extremely important. Assess the condition of the room and make sure you can get the hot tub in somehow. It can’t be taken apart, it can only be put in place in one piece, so you may even need a crane.

Hot tub inside: flooring and accessories

If you considering putting your Wellis hot tub inside, you must prepare the flooring. Outside in the yard, grass and stone are not the most slippery materials. But inside, tiles and paving can easily become an accident hazard.

In any case, ask a professional about which flooring would be ideal around the hot tub, or perhaps place anti-slip material on the more slippery surfaces to prevent unpleasant situations. A hot tub inside requires adequate attention.

Pay attention to proper ventilation and maintenance!

To ensure that the room is properly ventilated to avoid mould growth, ventilation is important. If you are building a new room for your hot tub, consider installing exhaust fans, dehumidifiers, or other ventilation systems to keep the air fresh and dry.

Proper electrical installation is also required if you want to install your hot tub indoors. Talk to a professional who can help you determine if your house is suitable. There are plug-and-play models available from Wellis, for example, which you simply plug into a socket, and they work.

Of course, regular maintenance is also essential for indoor hot tubs, but it doesn’t require as much attention as it does for outdoor ones. Here, the leaves don’t fall into the hot tub, and you don’t have to clean the filters as often, but you should definitely pay attention to monthly maintenance.

If you follow these few useful tips, the hot tub inside will be an everlasting experience for the family. Choose your favourite model from the Wellis range and enjoy its year-round pampering all year round!