Spa Cleaner 1l

Specially designed for the cleaning of spa water pipes.
Removes limescale deposits and impurities. It is used when the spa water is freshened or exchanged.

Spa Cleaner Is eco-friendly and bio-degradable.


  1. Add 250 ml of Spa Cleaner to the water 24 hours before you intend to replace it.
  2. Ensure all hydro jets and air valves to be opened. Then switch the pumps on maximum for IS minutes. Repeat three times.
  3. Remove the filter before you let the water drain.
  4. Clean the filter with Wellis Watertreatment Filter Cleaner.
  5. Rinse your spa pool with fresh water.
  6. Fill your spa pool with fresh water and reinsert the cleaned filter.
  7. Continue cleaning your spa pool with Wellis Watertreatment Water Care.
SKU: WV00080